Plaaying for Mac - Share, command, and keep on Plaaying.

Plaaying for Mac

Share, control, and keep on Plaaying.


With two sizes and themes to choose from, Plaaying beautifully complements iTunes and Spotify.

Plaaying for Mac - Share, command, and keep on Plaaying.
Plaaying for Mac - Share, command, and keep on Plaaying.


Auto-Share your media journey to Twitter, whether it's every episode or one song an hour, without lifting a finger.
Or share only what and when you want. Plaaying puts you in control.

Share with Plaaying
Share with Plaaying using notifications.
  • Plaaying for Mac - Terminator
  • Plaaying for Mac - My Morning Jacket
  • Plaaying for Mac - Radiohead
  • Plaaying for Mac - The Pixies
  • Plaaying for Mac - Doctor Who


Get back into your zone with Plaaying. When you have to pause, a timer can start your media again, automatically. And it’s easy to extend your Intermission or get back to the show.

All the features.


  • iTunes (Apple Music, My Music, Radio)
  • Spotify
  • Songlink Support
  • Scrobbling


  • Share media links to iTunes and Spotify
  • Turn on Songlink to share with anyone
  • Our 'High Quality Artwork Sharing Engine’ finds the best artwork to make your sharing shine
  • Share media to Twitter on your schedule: automatically, once an hour, or manually—it’s up to you
  • Quickly silence auto-sharing from the menu bar app
  • Manual share options for Twitter, Facebook and other platforms using the mini app or right from convenient OS X notifications


  • A smart Pause button that automatically restarts your media after a time you set in preferences—we call it Intermission
  • A warning chimes 10 seconds before media resumes
  • Easily extend the timer from the menu bar or keyboard shortcuts


  • Convenient menu bar app in beautiful Standard and Mini sizes
  • Stays out of your way, springs into action with a click
  • Adjust how long the app auto appears for
  • Light and Dark theme
  • Play, pause, switch songs, and use playhead to maneuver media timelines
  • Love and rate your songs
  • Control media, Sharing, and Intermission with your keyboard
  • Instant Lyrics search via Google, because we love music like you do


  • Option click the Pause button to stop music with no Intermission time (it just stops)
  • Click the title text to open your source.
  • Option click the title text to change the sharing template.
  • Click timer in app to add 1 minute
  • Option click timer in app to subtract 1 minute
  • Click and hold timer to max intermission.
  • Customize Play/Pause
  • Customize Media Next
  • Customize Media Prev
  • Customize "Love" Media (will "Love" on LastFM)
  • Customize Play/Pause (intermission)
  • Customize Play/Pause (max intermission)
  • Customize Share to Twitter
  • Customize Share to Facebook